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Economic Hot Tub Preparation








Doing this "will" most definately "VOID" any warranties on a new hot tub,

so it would be advisable to wait until any warranties have run their course.



Link to still photos - 


Hot Tub preparation

For ultra_Economic running: -

We disconnected the hot tub original circulation pump and in-line electric heater.

Using a low wattage pump, with a Crystal Enterprises Heat pump and photo-voltaic solar panels.

Heat the tub and run the circulation pump for "FREE", as long as the Sun is out of course!


A Low wattage pump drawing 50 - 100 watts per hour giving a minimum flow rate (heat pump minimum requirement) of 3.5-4 cubic metres per hour.

A Crystal 5.5kw Heat pump drawing approx. 1.1kw per hour.

Total wattage per hour = maximum 1.2kw per hour.

A 4kw Solar Voltaic system will more than cover the power consumed for this (when the sun is out of course) and still have power left over to run other household items.

Or if you have "NO" solar system then the running cost will be approx. 1.2 x 17p per hour (our electric costs) or 20.5p per hour.

Filtration and heating on for 4 - 5 hours a day for maintenance heating etc will cost approx. £0.816p - £1.025 per day to run.


We hope this is helpful and well worth doing?

Please see below some "U" Tube presentation of our preparing "OUR" hot tub for "Economical Operation"



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The hot tub volume on the "U" tube presentation is wrong and is only 2,000ltr approx. or approx. 440 gallons.