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Crystal Metal Roof Gazebo - 3m x 3.65m








Crystal Metal Roof Gazebo


 3m x 3.65m

Comes with - Curtains and Mosquito net (ONLY).

(Photos are of our install and only for example purposes)



  • 24-month warranty
  • Lead time can be up to 6 weeks but we will ring the client with an up to date lead time.
  • 7 Days to check the contents after delivery is made for damages. Please take any appropriate pictures at the time of delivery and also at unpacking. Send them to us immediately and we will get the appropriate part ordered and sent out. Nothing can be done after this 7 days period has passed.


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Crystal Francisco Gazebo 3.65m x 4.85m Build PDF.



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Specs: -

Width - 3.00 m.

Length - 3.65 m.

Side height - 1.95 m.

Ridge height - 2.79 m.

Roof cover  - Galvanised steel

Sidewalls - 30g/m² mesh netting and 160g/m² polyester sidewalls

Frame - Black powder coated aluminium

Tubes / fittings - 76x76x1.0 mm

Inner dimensions - 2.548x3.198 m.

Roof plate thickness - 0.38mm

Colour - Black

UV-resistant - UV-resistant

Water resistance - 100% Waterproof

Weight - 110 kg.


Box dimensions:

Box 1: 52.0 x 31.0 x 229.0
Box 2: 121.0 x 8.0 x 139.0



Product Info: -

  • Elegant garden gazebo with sidewalls and mosquito net
  • Highly durable powder-coated aluminium frame
  • Metal roof for stability and strength
  • High peak ventilation system
  • Curtains with zipper opening
  • Provide cool shade and shelter
  • Curtains in 160 g/m² polyester
  • Protects against flying insects
  • Insect netting in 30 g/m² fabric
  • Perfect for relaxation and events
  • This elegant garden gazebo has a beautiful peak vent, side curtains, and mosquito nets on all four sides. Use the gazebo wholly open and let the air through - or close the structure to make a quiet and cosy room well sheltered. Use the gazebo with or without the mosquito nets drawn depending on the time of day and how many flying insects are out and about. You can place your gazebo almost anywhere without you having to worry about flying insects during the day or in the evening. The pavilion will look fantastic in any garden, including lakeside homes and pool homes. The garden gazebo not only provides shade and shelter, it will also add elegant design and functionality. This makes it the perfect setting for everything from relaxation to informal events and even important celebrations. Having a garden gazebo will provide you with great functionality, comfort, shade and shelter you need to relax.
  • The included sidewall curtains and mosquito nets are easy to use and give you countless combinations of the two different kinds of sidewalls/curtains. Slide open or close a curtain any way you want. Choose, for example, mosquito curtains on two sides and the regular sidewall curtain on the other two depending on the weather, temperature, the occasion or your mood.
  • Important! In the case of heavy rain and wind, you should remove the sidewalls/curtains to avoid damages. The warranty does not cover damages caused by heavy wind and rain. Furthermore, the sidewalls/curtains and the mosquito nets must permanently be taken down during the winter! Make sure that the fabric is dry before takedown and folding!




Safety advice: -

  • When establishing a gazebo/pergola it is your responsibility to comply with local rules and regulations and to ensure that the gazebo is assembled correctly according to the enclosed manual. It is very important that you assemble all parts according to the instructions. Do not skip any parts or any steps.
  • Protective gear during assembly: Please take care when assembling the gazebo/pergola as some parts may be heavy and have sharp edges. Use work gloves as recommended in the manual – and preferably shoes and safety goggles. If using a ladder or power tools, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s safety advice. Keep children away from the assembly site.
    Do not lean against the gazebo/pergola during construction. Do not place your gazebo/pergola in an area with excessive wind. Do not attempt to assemble this gazebo if you are tired, have taken drugs or alcohol.
  • Gazebos are not permanent buildings: Please note that even though our gazebos and pergolas are sturdy and durable structures, they are not permanent buildings as such, so it is upon you to regularly check the structure to make sure that it is safe and in working order. As the gazebos and pergolas are made of lightweight materials, you must make sure that they at all times are safely secured and fastened to the base so the gazebo/pergola does not cause damage to others in case of bad weather. Be sure that you do not hit any hidden cables or pipes in the ground when inserting the ground anchors or similar.
  • Make sure that you place the gazebo/pergola on a firm and plain surface preferably concrete, but flagstones, wood, or gravel can work, too. The base must be 100% in level and with the right angles – check by measuring the two diagonal dimensions.
  • In case of snow and extreme weather: Always fasten the structure to prevent accidents in case of extreme weather. Gazebos and pergolas are interim structures and must be secured or taken down during the winter or in bad weather. Furthermore, remove curtains, sidewalls, and mosquito net in case of windy weather.
    For the winter, also remove curtains and sidewalls from the structure and make sure that they are dry before folding and storing. Make sure to remove snow from the roof of the gazebo to prevent the structure from collapsing from the weight of too much heavy snow. Another solution is to remove the roof during the winter if you for some reason cannot remove snow regularly. Position the slats on your pergola gazebo vertical so the snow does not assemble on top. If you have a gazebo with fabric all over, you need to remove all the sidewalls as well as the roof during extreme weather and during the winter.
  • Insurance: Please check whether a gazebo/pergola is covered by your home contents insurance. Do not stay inside the gazebo during extreme weather conditions.